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Be a Billet and Make a Difference

Vernon, BC:  The Vernon Vipers are looking for families who are interested in being billet families for the upcoming season.

“We have a young son in hockey and for us billeting has been like adding big brothers to our home season after season,” says Billet Coordinator Stacey Donison.  “The connections we have made with our players has been so meaningful.  They still stay in touch and come visit us.”

She goes on to say that Junior A hockey is fantastic to watch and to have a player on the ice that lives in your home is extra special.  You feel like you’re a part of the team.

The Vipers are looking for families who enjoy hockey, can provide a bedroom and quality meals.

Its not just for the families with children at home.  Take the Davies for example, Cathy and Paul, who became billet parents for the first time 2 years ago who were empty-nesters when they billeted Michael Young.  “Being a rookie I was not totally on board with the whole billeting thing but then we hit the billet lottery and I was in it whole heartedly,” says Cathy.  She goes on to say, “The biggest thing for me is that this child (and we tend to forget they are just kids) came into our home a stranger and left a part of our family. We will forever be connected.”

She says it was an amazing experience giving someone else’s child a loving, stable and safe home to live in the hope that he feels at home and comfortable.  Paul and Cathy’s biggest goal  was for their billet (Michael Young) to walk away from this experience saying “I had a great time and I’m happy I came”. The whole billet family association is like an extension of your family and the people that make this association run become part of your life in a big way. A connection that is heartfelt and sincere.

Paul and Cathy embraced  what it meant to be billet parents by going to as many out of town games as we could as well as home games to show support for not only our billet but for the entire team. They opened their home to the entire team for movies and to hang out so they would have a safe place to hang out as a group.

Cathy finishes by saying, “Being a billet parent is like extending your family.”

“Its one of the life lines for Junior hockey and players to succeed,” says Head Coach and GM of the Vipers Jason McKee.  “They become a second family with life long relationships and rewards for both the players and the billet family.”

For more information on how you can become a billet family, email or call 250-542-6022